7th December Tuesday

Building the staff/students movement against cuts and tuition fees in HE: a day-long teach-in in the SOAS occupation with SOAS academics!

1pm-1:30 – Laleh Khalili (Politics):
“The experience of privatized education and its effect on citizenship & activism in the US”

1:30pm-2pm – Subir Sinha (Development Studies)
“Opposing neoliberal reforms in higher education: what has and has not been said, and a
comparative view”

2pm-2:30pm – Adam Hanieh (Development Studies)
“The economic crisis and the global south – linking our struggles”

2:30pm-3pm – Paolo Novak (Development Studies)
“Scaling up, localising, or cutting across? Scalar debates and resistance to neoliberal

3pm-3:30pm – Gilbert Achcar (Development Studies)
“The present neoliberal onslaught in historical perspective”

3:30pm-4pm – Rahul Rao (Politics)
“Solidarity and Criticism: notes from James Joyce, Rabindranath Tagore, Edward Said and
Frantz Fanon”

4pm-4:30pm – Nadje Al-Ali (Gender Studies)
“Why Gender Matters: Public Policy & Activism”

4:30pm-5pm – Stephanie Blankenburg
“Why we are NOT (all) “drowning in a sea of debt”.

5pm-7pm – Development Studies Seminar
Philip Golub (IEE, Université Paris 8)
“Power, Profit and Prestige. A History of American Imperial Expansion”

Tuesday 7 December, 1pm-7pm, Brunei Gallery Suite – all welcome, please join us!


One Response to 7th December Tuesday

  1. Dmob says:

    Wow, a really balanced panel there. Wonder what opinion they have towards cuts and fees, eh…. not.

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