SOAS Management has succesffully obtained a high court possesion order for our occupied space we are now going to appeal the high court to overturn this ruling. We need funds to cover the court fees.

We need to show unity and strength in face of managements disproportionation attacks on our legitimate right to protest.



1 Response to Donate

  1. nikki crowley says:

    Message of support from public sector worker in Newcastle.

    You are brilliant- an inspiration to everyone facing these Con-Dem attacks on the working class of this country. I pay my taxes to enable young people of all social classes to have the choice and opportunity to attend university- no problem! I do have a problem with my taxes being used to support illegal occupations of other countries under the banner of war and propping up stinking corrupt financial institutions who have created this so called ‘crisis’ and continue to award themselves massive bonuses. Lib Dems quaking in their boots and coming apart at the seams for spinelessly supporting a ruling class Tory ideology of education for the priviledged- shame on them all- you’ve got them on the run- well done to all across the country! Good luck on Thursday- go for it, take to the streets and make some noise- lets leave the candle lit vigils to the less courageous 🙂

    Nikki, Newcastle

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