Messages of solidarity will be posted here as they come in.

Hey y’all,

I’m a student at the University of Illinois in the United States and y’all are inspiring! Keep it up! People in the United States need to see what y’all are doing because people here often don’t believe we can change things.


Ben Rothschild

Dear SOAS occupation,
well done, show the world that you have the courage to defend the humanities, and with them humanity.
John Noyes
Professor of German
University of Toronto

I applaud your courageous stance to oppose the devastating cuts to higher education imposed by this philistine government which is nakedly acting in the interests of the rich. The greed of these people and their disregard for the young generation is appalling . Please continue your fight to make education available to people of all classes and not the preserve of the children of bankers. SPAS has a proud tradition of excellent international teaching and research and you are maintaining its humanist tradition. More power to your arm

Harriet Bradley, professor of sociology, Bristol

Hey y’all,

I’m a student at the University of Illinois in the United States and y’all are inspiring! Keep it up! People in the United States need to see what y’all are doing because people here often don’t believe we can change things.


Best of luck in your Occupation!! and Victory in the fight against the cuts!!

Richard Tucker

Unison Member and worker in special needs education Bristol

Hi from Toronto:

Congratulations on the occupation–the humanities need defenders like you!

Paula Karger
Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto

School, college and uni students marched through Newcastle today. Perhaps nearly 2000 at high point. 200 came to teach in organized by Newcatle Free Education Network!

We agreed to send our solidarity to you at SOAS and all other occupations.

Dear Occupiers!

just sending you cyber-support from Toronto, Canada! You’re an inspiration to those of us in similar fights against the neoliberal vampire university system!

ken kawashima
University of Toronto

Just heard on the great wide internet that SOAS has received an injunction to have their occupation removed at 3:30. This is a message of solidarity from all of us occupying here at Warwick – keep up the good fight, we are with you in spirit!!!!

hi there,

tuition fees were first introduced during my time at soas (1998-2001). occupying the main building for days
was perhaps not the best of ideas but ah, good memories… so happy to see you are keeping up the fighting spirit!! 🙂

best of luck to you,
mats from finland

Congratulations and best of luck from the Birkbeck UNISON Branch Committee.

Cuts and  climate open letter of support to the students fighting austerity

We applaud all today’s protests, occupations and walkouts, and the 10th November action at Millbank. These events mark a turning for the resistance against austerity in this country. Millions of people now identify with the action taken by the students, and by their action, millions know there is an alternative to passively accepting this attack on the poor and the young.

The Browne Review, which led  to the   student protests,  is chaired by the former director of BP and made up of bankers and management consultants. The same people who are contributing to the climate crisis are also responsible for the financial crisis. The government’s austerity measures contribute nothing to solving  either the economic or the climate crisis. Far from us all being “in this together” our rulers are using the current financial crisis as an opportunity to push through measures which benefit a tiny minority at the expense of the vast majority of people and the planet.

We don’t believe, as some environmentalists do, that the climate crisis can be  separated from, and treated in isolation from, the other crises facing humanity. We believe that in resisting austerity it will be possible to build such a movement. The fight for climate justice is inseparable from the fight for social justice. We need to stand together in order to build a movement strong enough to win both.

Solidarity from a member of staff and UCU member at King’s College London.Keep it up guys! 


To the students at SOAS,
We stand in solidarity with you and your occupation of the Brunei suite  at SOAS in protest at the government’s cuts to education and social services.  Education in all subjects including the humanities is a right not a privilege.

We encourage all students to participate in the National Day of Action against fees and cuts on 24th November and support your call for University administrations to join us in our fight to defend education.

UCLAN UCU activists network

Dear Occupying students,Your actions are an encouragement to the millions who have heard about what you’ve done and are strengthened by the knowedge that people are fighting back. 

Best regards,

All at

Hi: StudentsThrough this letter I would like to offer my support in these very difficult moments,  where it’s time to students and workers are united in the protest that affects us all,  I want to say that the union is strength and nothing and nobody can beat when you are in union. 

Students are not alone, Vernon Square cleaners are supporting you, keep going in this fight that is only beginning, but I have faith that we will be victorious in this fight against the government that is attempting to make changes against the education sector, the government does not realize that through cuts and increased the fees is not going to solve the crisis that they have  created by not having a good management of state accounts.

UK Goverment were  devoted more to travel around the  world creating terror and fear and exploiting the lands resource of so many Countries  , and the money  obtained from their misdeeds were poorly invested or spent on wars and armaments or luxuries, but now students and  middle class workers have to pay the consequences for their mistakes.

The UK Government  do not realize that instead of seeking a solution to economic problems, they are creating unrest and dissatisfaction among its citizens, and therefore citizens are creating a revolution that now is not good for the crisis that the world is living.

In my point of view we should be governments and people together to get out of this crisis, finally I want to say that students and workers united will never be defeated, VIVA VIVA SOAS students.

Yours Sincerely

Lenin Escudero

SOAS cleaner
Vernon Square

Heyp!All my solidarity! No Gods, no Masters, no cuts to education! 

Continue with all power and energy,

from Berlin,


Soli Greetings to you guys in England!
The students in Austria and in the whole world
are looking at your brave actions today!
We wish you big times success, our hearts and our feelings are with you!
Tomorrow, a big wave will spread the word all over England.
This is only possible because brave folx as you
are not scared to express your protest against
stupid and narrow-minded government policies.
All the best from Austria, we are big times supporting your efforts!
Dear SOAS,I’m so proud of you all. I wish I were there, but alas, I’m dealing with another, different kind of occupation, see Peter Hallward’s piece in it today: 

Between the earthquake, the cholera epidemic, the hurricane, the riots and tear gas in the streets demanding the UN troops leave, and the illegitimate election that no one wants less than a week away, Haiti continues to be the dustbin of capitalism and the avant-guard of apocalypse. But people still protest in dance and make hilarious poetic cynical comments on the state of affairs.

I’m working for Al Jazeera here in Haiti and promised the London Al Jazeera bureau to send them names and contacts for students in London who might want to speak about the direct action of the 10th, tomorrow’s march, or the occupation.

Please let me know who would be up for this!


Hope your occupation goes well, everyone! Good luck!   Carl Mandy Teacher of philosophy Strode’s College Egham SurreyTW20 9DR
I wish to express my solidarity with students at SOAS for their great action in occupying the
Brunei Gallery
Yours in the struggle
Norman Traub
Member of Socialist Resistance
This is not only a fight for the education of the UK, but for the education of the world.
Don’t let neoliberalism win this fight!
In Solidarity,
Anders Haugen
Hi All,
Good work! keep up the action!
Niall Scott, Snr Lecturer in Ethics, UCLan

Great you are occupying. I don’t know if you have already done this but if you could send personal messages out to anti-cuts groups explaining what you are doing and why you are doing it to be read out at their local university and school meetings that would be great. Some of the email addresses can be found on the facebook 24th Walk Out page.

Good luck.


Was good to meet some of you last night. Supporting you every step of the
way. And, in response to some of the less than supportive comments on your
blog, would just like to point out that the occupation of university
buildings raises important questions about just WHO the university is for and
exactly WHAT its role is in perpetuating structures of inequality. So…
occupy, invite EVERYONE in. Knowledge needs to be free. In solidarity.

Dr Debra Benita Shaw
Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Cultural Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of East London

Dear friends,
Anarchist Federation (London) sends a message of full and unconditional solidarity and support for  your occupation,
in struggle
Nick (for) AF -London

Hello All,
Congrats and well done for the occupation.
We send solidarity from Royal Holloway, University of London – we have an alliance meeting tonight, will certainly bring it up!
Keep up the brilliant work!
Royal Holloway anti cuts alliance members.
Daniel Lemberger Cooper

Solidarity from Kathmandu – Aksel Lydersen

Solidarity and congratulations from the Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance!

Kieran Miles
3rd year PIR
Royal Holloway, University of London

Second message of solidarity is from me 🙂 NUS Wales Black Students’ Officer. Good luck and keep it peaceful! xoxo

Congratulations on today’s action – keep up the fight against the cuts and for education – a right not a privilege.
In solidarity
Jeremy Dear
General Secretary, National Union of Journalists

Thinking of you all and hope you have a great and successful occupation. Be brilliant, ruthless and strategic. Gloria

Support from Glasgow, lets hope we catch up with you guys on the 24th. Keep strong! Thomas Coles

Solidarity from the sabbatical team at LSE!

We support your occupation. The state has to realise that education is
not a commodity. Education is a right! These cuts are not only
unnecessary and unfair but ideologically motivated. They will disable
those worst off in our society, preventing social mobility and
reinforcing class boundaries.

Together we will stop the cuts.

Birmingham Autonomous Students
STOP FEES & CUTS @ Birmingham Uni

Wagwanin’ SOAS

SOAS shows the way. Lets make tuition fees and cuts David Cameron’s Poll Tax.

Solidarity from Essex EAN

Solidarity from Saint-Etienne in France. Teach the Tory’s a lesson in democracy!

Hello fellow students!

Congratulations for the occupation!
Keep up the fight for a fair education!

In total support and solidarity

Aberystwyth University

As a disabled person faced with the possible theft of up to 90% of my income and even my home as a result of the ConDem’s savage attack on the welfare state, I totally and unequivocally support your fight against the cuts.  I wish I had the health and strength to join you!



Good luck and thank you for occupying.  The cuts are wrecking Britain and are being used to create a less equal and harsher society.  Students are at the cutting edge of resistance and its good news to hear of the SOAS occupation.

Derek Wall, Green Left and Associate Tutor, Goldsmiths College.

A message of solidarity from the Campaign for the Public University (

Keep it up SOAS!

You’re heroes- keep it up! Got a big smile on my face when I found out about this. Will do what I can to support you!
Kit Withnail

Best of luck in your Occupation!! and Victory in the fight against the cuts!!

Richard Tucker
Unison Member and worker in special needs education Bristol

I am so happy to see you have gone into occupation! When everyone at Sussex found out you had voted yes, there was such a great atmosphere.
Good luck

Solidarity from NUT members at Noel Park Primary School. Education is a right not a privilege!
Dave Gilchrist

Sending solidarity from Goldsmiths Students’ Union. We recognise, as you do, that taking direct action is one the most effective ways to put pressure on the ConDem government and break these cuts. We hope more students follow suit. This is going to be one of the most important weeks in the fightback, and you have set the precedent. Beautiful.
BIndz Patel
Goldsmiths Students’ Union

Hi SOASers,

Brilliant news. Keep up the fight. You are inspiring others.

Hope it sparks more occupations and bigger numbers for Weds.

Ian Crosson
UCU membership sec
Tower Hamlets College
Poplar branch

Greetings, your occupation will be repottyed at thisn evening’s meeting of Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance.
Demonstration this Saturday 11.30 Manzil Way, Cowley Rd, Oxford. Occupation rep I am sure welcome to speak.

Bill MacKeith O&DTUC
asst sec, Oxford & Distruct Trades Union Council,

Brothers and sisters

On behalf of Waltham Forest Trades Council, I would like to send this message of support to SOAS students in your occupation. We are an organisation of trade union representatives –  the local TUC – in our part of East London, with a number of us working in education. The ConDem onslaught attacks on education must be resisted and you are giving the rest of us a great example to follow. Best of luck.
In solidarity
Darren O’Grady

go go go! solidarity from nyc! – NYC Biblioclasm

Well done guys
Keep organised, open and strong.
Now its time to get to work on bringing education back into the hands of the people.
Remember ‘this is just the beginning’
-Liam, Glasgow School of Art | Glasgow Open School -Glasgow


Well done for the successful occupation – it is one of the first big moves in the student protest movement preceding the Day of Action. You have my full support and I hope you continue the demonstration and express your demands vocally.

Yours in unity,

Josiah Mortimer
Truro Fight the Cuts (pc)

Dear SOAS Occupiers,

Cambridge Defend Education sends you solidarity and our full
support for your occupation and future campaign.

We are pleased to see other students standing up against fees and cuts.

Keep in touch and good work!

Cambridge Defend Education(

Full solidarity with your struggle.
Power to the people!
Francesco, Italy

SOAS first then others will follow. Congratulations on showing the way to fight the ConDem cuts.
Jane Kelly
UCU (retired)

Friends —

I admire your strength and courage.

Keep up the Good Work!

David Cross MA(RCA)
Reader in Art and Design
University of the Arts London

Solidarity from New York! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Keshav Dogra

Be brave, be strong and know you have huge support! – Amy Kenyon

Just wanted to send a quick message of solidarity from all of us at the Really Open University.


Hi SOASers,

Brilliant news. Keep up the fight. You are inspiring others.

Hope it sparks more occupations and bigger numbers for Weds.

Ian Crosson
UCU membership sec
Tower Hamlets College
Poplar branch

Greetings, your occupation will be repottyed at thisn evening’s meeting of Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance.
Demonstration this Saturday 11.30 Manzil Way, Cowley Rd, Oxford. Occupation rep I am sure welcome to speak.

Bill MacKeith O&DTUC
asst sec, Oxford & Distruct Trades Union Council,

I would like to express my support and solidarity with the occupiers of the Brunei Gallery in the SOAS. I side with everyone who stands peacefully but firmly against the cuts in education spending and against a rise in the tuition fees.

As in the opening statement of our campaign Never send to know for whom the bell tolls. PhDs unite against the cuts!:
“We can, must and need to SAY NO to the cuts. And we have to do it together with all the other groups which will be hit most by the cuts – women, ethnic minorities, disabled people, workers in the public administration, undergraduate students. The more of us will express their dissent, the more effective our protest will be.

We reject the logic which sets education against health care; science against humanities; intellectuals against the working class. The real choice is between a fair and safe society, which values culture, solidarity and variety, and a greedy and unsafe world, in which no real space for free education and research is given.

We are for more public spending in research, tuition-free universities, freedom of thought and research, public welfare and more social fairness.

In solidarity,
Leo Goretti
(PhD Student at the University of Reading and co-founder of the campaign Never send to know for whom the bell tolls. PhDs unite against the cuts )

We support the occupation of SOAS students. The struggle against Education cuts is global, so we support your action. In Turkey students also fought for their right to learn. Last year goverment tried to rise education fees in some faculties %200! We made demonstrations and meetings to stop the rise of fees and we did it. But attacks in England is much more extensive and only mass action like Miliband and occupations can change the situation. Student movement must unite with workers who fights against austerity measures, and this must be also global.

Students united will never be defeated!

On behalf of Antikapitalist Öğrenciler (Anticapitalist Students)
Onur Devrim Üçbaş

Cambridgeshire NUT sends its solidarity and support for the students in occupation at SOAS over the nproposed cuts by the ConDem coalition Government and in particular its attacks on students and universities. The propose increases in fees and the cuts in university funding as well as the ending of the EMA for 16-19 years olds shows us who the Government thinks Higher Education is for.

Let us know if there is anything we can do. In the meantime all power to you!

Jon Duveen
Cambridgeshire Association
National Union of Teachers

Dear Students and Colleagues,
Your occupation and mobilization is showing us the way to resist the cuts not
only at the universities but also at the work places. Cuts in education and the
rise in tuition fees are neither neccessary nor rational from a social and
economic viewpoint. Education is a public good, should be free and has to be
financed by progressive taxes. You are now showing that cuts are also not
unavoidable, and we have an alternative.
In solidarity,
Ozlem Onaran Senior Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University


Just a quick message of support and solidarity from all of the University of the Arts London Sabbaticals, keep up the amazing work! You’re leadership is an inspiration to us all.

Louis Hartnoll

you rock!!


34 Responses to Solidarity

  1. John Rees says:

    Congratulations and solidarity from everyone at Counterfire

  2. Refugee Workers Cultural Association, is in full support with the occupiers of SOAS.

  3. Action like yours is essential to defeating the government’s cuts agenda. Solidarity from Red Pepper magazine.

  4. Keith says:

    Solidarity to Royal Holloway who are somehow under the impression that their university is in London.

  5. Craig says:

    Big Solidarity from myself and Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  6. Rob M says:

    Excellent news. Keep on keeping on- you are an inspiration to us all.

    on behalf of Birmingham Socialist Resistance

  7. University for Strategic Optimism says:

    We are from University for Strategic Optimism.
    Congratulate you for the occupation.
    We appreciate what you have done and we are sure that it can spark other students from other universities.

    In Solidarity,
    University for Strategic Optimism

  8. Julia Bard and David Rosenberg says:

    Good luck with the occupation. Solidarity from Julia Bard and David Rosenberg

  9. Murray says:

    Full support SOAS students! In the face of the brutal attacks on education and the public sector, it’s inspiring to see real action being taken to fight back. Keep at it, and here’s to much more to come!

    Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Students

  10. Freedom Press sends it support to the soas occupation, and all those students taking direct action against tuition fees

  11. Claire Locke says:

    Dear Occupiers

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration for us all!

    In solidarity,
    Claire Locke London Met SU

  12. will says:

    hold your ground!

  13. JM says:

    Solidarity from students and socialists in Texas! Hang in! Keep fighting the good fight! They say cut backs, we say fight back!

  14. Trev says:


    Solidarity greetings to all students in struggle.

    For your interest here is a letter I sent to the Guardian yesterday. Please circulate this amongst student spokes-people whose press conference was televised on Sky today.


    Subject: Immoral policing
    Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 17:01:50 +0000

    The policing of the student demonstration in London yesterday (24.11.10) was nothing short of corrupt. The police play the ‘innocent’ game frequently, but in this case it is totally blatant as anybody with an authentically independent mind saw.

    The placing of an empty police minibus (in Whitehall) in the path of a known militant march of student demonstrators is a ‘red rag to a bull’. It is nothing short of entrapment and because of the huge policing resources and plans the police made to kettle demonstrators, is part of a deliberate ‘newsmaking’ for the right wing dominated media.

    It is also intimidating for protestors to be pushed around and contained, and as such is an attack on the right to demonstrate. If there are any police still interested in real policing, I hope they will disassociate themselves from the operational plans and decision making of the Metropolitan police for that protest march.


  15. Solidarity from the short-lived Sheffield Occupation!

    We got fucked over by university-security, but there is more action in the pipeline!

    Hold in their comrades, we will be back in occupation with you soon!

  16. A SOAS Librarian says:

    There are librarians at SOAS who support you – keep strong and thank you!

  17. Prof. Martin Cooke says:

    In solidarity from Vitoria, Spain. What you’re doing is fantastic and will be echoed throughout Europe and beyond.

  18. Jack Graham says:

    Solidarity to you guys. And infinite kudos. What you’re doing is brave, inspiring and right. Bloody well done. Best wishes and much admiration.


  19. Steven Allen says:

    Dear SOAS occupiers,

    I wanted to strongly congratulate you on your important, well thought out and determined stance in the face of the massive pressure being piled onto you by the administration of the university and in the courts. In particular, the way in which you have clearly and passionately spoken about defending education, and your ability to see the connections with other groups that will suffer from the government’s war against the poor is truly impressive.

    Even if you do get evicted it is incredibly important that you do not end the battle there, as I am sure you will not. It nearly always takes the mobilisation of students against repressive politicians before the rest of society begins to stand up and notice. You are the best examples of true a truly liberal education system and mustn’t rest until those in power either listen or are gone.

    In solidarity and wishing you every success as the campaign continues.

    Steven Allen

  20. Stephane says:

    Solidarity from France.
    Hold on guys. We’re all in the same shit in Europe, and we must fight together !

    Vive la révolution citoyenne !


  21. LAWAS says:

    The Latin American Workers Association (LAWAS) stands side by side with SOAS students in support of their occupation. Education and public service cuts are a disgrace and must be stopped. We won’t allow the poor to pay for the excesses of the banking system. We won’t allow this government to continue blaming migrants for their own miseries. We will fight exploitation and victimisation of the working class in the UK, not only cleaners, but across all sectors and communities, regardless of nationalities or immigration status. Students, workers, migrants, we are ALL ONE and as ONE we will fight. Because an injury to one is an injury to all.


    > LAWAS General Assembly
    > 28/11/2010

  22. Andy Strouthous says:

    Congratulations on occupying against these outrageous attacks on education and the welfare state. If this government gets its way education will be a privilege restricted to those most well off in our society. The less well off and poor will be excluded.

    Your stand is leading the fight back to keep education as a right for all, it will also inspire all those who are fighting the ConDem attack on all our public services.

    You have our full support in the fight against all cuts, and against any attempt to victimise protestors.

    Good luck with your occupation.

    Andy Strouthous
    Branch Secretary City and Islington UCU Camden Rd Branch

  23. imc says:

    Solidarity to you all. Keep up the fight.

    Vive la Resistance,


  24. Dear SOAS occupiers

    We from zurich send you all the best for your
    occupation, we know how hard it can be: last
    year we kept occupying the biggest hall of our
    university during two weeks.
    It was a great time, we sampled new forms of
    communication and resistance, so will you!

    global resistance against global cuts!
    everything for everyone!
    from zurich with love and rage!

    students from zurich

    solidarity-action at university of zurich, 1/12/2010

  25. Scott Cunliffe says:

    Inspirational action standing up for future generations across the world.
    Your victory will shine a light for millions whose only chance for change is a free education.
    Don’t give in to SOAS Admin.
    Strength and solidarity from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Scott (SOAS 98-03)

  26. Richard Hall says:

    In solidarity.

    Dr Richard Hall,
    National Teaching Fellow (2009), and Reader in Education and Technology, De Montfort University

  27. Martin Ralph says:


    I asked my comrades abroad to raise support in the student movement internationally, so far there are two responses – below. I am a member of the UCU committee at Liverpool University and delegate to the trades council. From the UCU committee and the Liverpool Trades Council we send our solidarity.

    Martin Ralph

    Greetings from Argentine Students to the British Student movement

    We’re aware of the struggle English students are in right now, and we send our greetings and all our support, as it has been an example for us, showing us the way we must follow to get what we demand. The struggle had a great impact on us, now that we have had a struggle ourselves that, because of the leadership, got paralyzed and never got to be massive nor to got what we were fighting for, except some isolated demands (not less important but also not enough).

    From Argentina we’re following the process with much interest, and we sincerely expect you get your demands, as it would be a triumph not only for English students but for students and the working class all over the world.

    We’re organizing a Video-Debate in our university (UNQ – National University of Quilmes; and we’re hoping to be able to make a video good enough for it to be used in other countries too) about the imperialism attacks to the education and the response from students all over the world. Europe is an example of what we can do if we get organized, and specially England, now that English students are on the head of that process. So I would like to ask you, if you have some, for videos of students mobilizations, and struggles. Everything you could send us would be great for the Debate.

    We’re thinking of editing a video that puts together all the student’s struggles in several countries, to show not just the level of organization we can and must get, but also show that is possible and necessary to fight for our rights, understanding it is one same fight we’re on. If you have any video that includes subtitles (even in English) it would be really helpful.

    Ariadna Kusanovic UNQ – National University of Quilmes

    Solidarity from Brazilian Students to the British student movement

    On the occasion of the student struggles that are gaining strength at this time in Britain, the National Assembly of Students – Free (ANEL – Assembléia Nacional dos Estudantes – Livre) sends, from Brazil, its unqualified support.

    In the context of global economic crisis governments everywhere do not hesitate to penalize public education and our social rights in favor of the profits for banks and companies.

    In this sense, the arrival on the scene of the British student movement can encourage workers across Europe to go to the streets to defend their rights.

    In Brazil, the ANEL hopes the example from our friends in Great Britain encourages our student movement for the next year. After the government of Lula da Silva’s election Dilma [the new president] has introduced the plan to remove pension rights and a wage squeeze. Along with CSP-CONLUTAS*, our organization is preparing a major effort for the unity of the movement to address this social scenario in 2011.

    Count on our solidarity until the final victory.


    ANEL is affiliated to CSP-Conlutas


    From the first congress of ANEL

    * CSP-Conlutas – National Coordination of Struggles – emerged as a National federation of unions, social, grassroots and student organisation in 2004. In July 2008 Conlutas held its First National Congress with around three thousand delegates. It is independent of government and state and autonomous from political parties. it says internationalism and Socialism is key to unity of workers throughout the world with the active solidarity among the working class of all countries.

    Please forward any replies to

  28. Professor/author Ira Shor–a key thinker and doer of engaged pedagogy within the school system & student-empowered learning–has sent Leeds occupation a message of solidarity:

    “Bravo! Keep fighting back against the disastrous policies of cutting budgets and raising costs. Education must be defended as a democratic right for the majority and stopped as privilege for an elite.

    Prof. Ira Shor
    City University of New York Graduate Center”

    United we stand against cuts, empower the students and the public! Please repost for support of the UK occupations.

  29. WAC says:

    Women Against the Cuts supports students demonstrating against the Coalition Government’s attack on our education system. We condemn the harsh and inhumane police activity, including the tactic of ‘kettling’, in suppressing the right of students to have their voices heard.

    The proposed increase in tuition fees and program of cuts will devastate the education system and burden the next generation with thousands of pounds of debt. This will clearly disadvantage working class people from entering higher education and will hit women the hardest as it will take longer for them to pay the fees because of the Gender Pay Gap.

    On the 9th of December, Women Against Cuts will stand in solidarity with students and all those working in the sector in the fight to save jobs and access to education.
    Women Against the Cuts on Facebook

  30. The Camberwell College of Arts occupiers support all other student occupation and protesting against this government’s educational reform. We call for all universities and colleges to occupy and take action on Thursday.
    We want to organize Skype sessions between occupations so that we can show each other support and discuss further action. Please let us know if you want to get involved.

    The Camberwell Occupiers

  31. University of Bristol is now under occupation as well!
    Love and solidarity from all those involved

  32. Eleanor Clark says:

    Hang on in there SOAS students. Don’t let any intimidation or pressure sway you, you have every right to protest against the cuts, which are set to rip the heart out of SOAS.

    This isn’t just about the fees, horrendously expensive though they are (hello, shackles of lifetime debt!) – the budget cuts will hit SOAS worse than almost any other uni in the country. Don’t let the cabinet of Bullingdon millionaires destroy the unique School of Oriental and African Studies.

    Stay warm and take care of each other.

    BA Japanese 2002-2006, PhD candidate at Hokkaido University, Japan

    p.s David Lammy MP’s an alumnus, maybe worth trying leaning on him for support?

  33. Exeter University is now under occupation!
    Solidarity to all at SOAS!

  34. Karl Marx says:

    Do not say that social movement excludes political movement. There is never a political movement which is not at the same time social.
    It is only in an order of things in which there are no more classes and class antagonisms that social evolutions will cease to be political revolutions. Till then, on the eve of every general reshuffling of society, the last word of social science will always be: “Combat or Death: bloody struggle or extinction. It is thus that the question is inexorably put.”

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