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Contact: Jonathan Evershed – 07969 857 535


The student occupation of the Brunei Gallery Suite at the School of Oriental and African Studies has now entered its fourth day, following waves of student and school pupil protests across the country yesterday against government plans to cut higher education funding and raise the cap on tuition fees to as much as £9,000. Following the national day of action, occupations are now underway at sixteen UK universities.

Occupiers at SOAS now face a legal battle with the university management after an injunction and an application for a possession order were served on the occupation at 1pm yesterday. An appeal to the High Court for an adjournment was successful, giving students 24 hours to seek legal advice. The students must now wait until the case is re-convened at the Royal Courts of Justice at 2pm this afternoon to discover the future fate of the occupation. The university management has so-far refused to negotiate directly with occupiers, but students in the Brunei Suite have received support from staff and union branches within the university.

Despite the legal challenge to the occupation, occupiers’ spirits remain high. The number of occupiers staying in the suite continues to grow, and a series of speeches and music were hosted in the occupied space last night. Several events have been planned for today, culminating with a talk by Jeremy Corbyn MP scheduled for 7pm.

Jon Evershed, one of the occupying students said,

“The movement is really gathering momentum, which is indicative of the strength of feeling within the student body on this issue. We’re seeing more and more students at SOAS wanting to get involved with the occupation. The huge numbers of students involved in protests throughout the country yesterday, and the growing number of universities that are now being occupied by their students demonstrates just how angry young people are about the government’s plans for higher education.

“The legal position we find ourselves in is worrying, and I find the fact that the university management has resorted to such extreme measures without having given us an opportunity to negotiate with them first deeply troubling. This is an issue on which staff and students should be united, and I feel the management should be prepared to consult with us on our demands.”



The hearing will take place at 2pm this afternoon in Court 60, the Thomas Moore Building, the Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Justice Henderson presiding


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5 Responses to Press Release

  1. Bob Brecher says:

    In solidarity from University of Brighton University and Colleges Union:

    UCU CoCom, on behalf of its members at the University of Brighton, fully support the actions of students in defence of education and their right to adopt direct action. Higher education is under attack through the raising of fees and the introduction of a market model, and we must join together to defend it.

    Mark Erickson
    On behalf of UCU Brighton Co-ordinating Committee

  2. Concerned Grad Student says:

    Seriously, you silly little children, get out of there and stop wasting everybody’s time and money.

  3. First up, the comment above this one can fuck off.

    Love and rage from the Manchester occupation. Keep up the good work and we’re standing strong alongside you as well as with universities all over the country.

  4. Omid says:

    Hello all, we’ve set up a forum for people to discuss what’s going on:
    Feel free to join, the more people we can get communicating the better!

  5. cominternbcn says:

    This message came through the International Student Movement mailing list, thought you could add it to the wall 😉

    “just want to send out a short sign of solidarity with all activists who demonstrated, occupied and chanted, got kettled or arrested today for the cause of free and emancipatory education. no matter where you are right now – it’s great to see your protests being so powerful and determined.

    keep going!
    solidarity from giessen, germany.”

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