More occupations and solidarity!

Since Monday, five universities have gone into occupation over cuts, with many more to follow: SOAS, Manchester Metropolitan, University of West England, Royal Holloway and University of Birmingham.

We send our solidarity to all those universities in occupation, and our encouragement to all those not yet occupying.

Here are websites/twitter/contact details for some of the other occupations:

Manchester Met:

Royal Holloway:

University of Birmingham: twitter @stopcutsbrum

Contacts for others coming as we get them…

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5 Responses to More occupations and solidarity!

  1. Ally says:

    Hi chaps – I came down to visit you briefly at lunchtime (girl in a green coat).

    Sorry to hear you’ve been served with an injunction – what you need to do now is have a meeting, get as many people as you can down there ASAP, and make a plan. When we were served an injunction at the Middlesex occupation we continued occupying anyway (and have since discovered the injunction was improperly served – you should be served the injunction with an invitation to court, where you can represent yourself, which we weren’t. In the meantime, don’t surrender the space.) The thing that caused our occupation to end was not having a clear plan (security tightened around the building while too many people were out, making the occupation untenable) so make sure you’re prepared.


    Ally xx

  2. Ed says:

    School, colege and uni students marched through Newcastle today. Perhaps nearly 2000 at high point. 200 came to teach in organized by Newcatle Free Education Network!
    We agreed to send our solidarity to you at SOAS and all other occupations.

  3. unokesevang says:

    greetings fron spain, keep on fighting!

  4. Omid says:

    Hello all, we’ve set up a forum for people to discuss what’s going on:
    Feel free to join, the more people we can get communicating the better!

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